Find out what UVA1 Phototherapy can do for you! Check out our About Page to read more about how UVA1 works and go to our Research Page to find links to LOTS of the great science behind it. Contact us if you want more information, can't find what you are looking for or have any questions!

Our Mission

Phototherapy Solutions is dedicated to raising awareness about UVA1 Phototherapy and what it can do for lupus, autoimmune disease, and other chronic connective tissue illness.  We are on a mission to spread the word about this little-known, out of the box, safe but effective and amazing therapy.  In addition, we are working toward achieving a non-profit status in order to fund further research, an FDA clinical to approve UVA1 specifically for lupus, and to help as many people 'get in the light' as we possibly can. Don't be in the dark!